The Westdale screens art and independent films, and provides an intimate cultural space for public performances and exhibitions, showcasing Canadian and world content. The Westdale is a fully licensed and fully accessible theatre with described video and closed captioning technology.

An American in Paris

June 22 @1pm

Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly) is an American ex-GI who stays in post-war Paris to become a painter, and falls for the gamine charms of Lise Bouvier (Leslie Caron). However, his paintings come to the attention of Milo Roberts, a rich American heiress, who is interested in more than just art.

Singin’ in the Rain

June 23 @5pm

Taking place during the rise of the “talkies”, we meet Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont who have risen to stardom during the silent-film era of Hollywood. Beautiful, charismatic and influential, the two combine to make a great on-screen pair. The introduction of talking pictures poses a threat to the powerful duo, however, when it is discovered by audiences that Lina has an excruciatingly shrill voice. Enter young studio singer Kathy Selden, a woman who lacks the stardom of Ms. Lamont but possesses the beautiful voice of which Lina is in dire need. Can Don and Lina find a solution to Lina’s laughably annoying voice to salvage their careers?


June 23 @8pm

Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) is a goody two-shoes from Australia, Danny Zuko (John Travolta) is the head T-Bird from Rydell High School. When the two meet up during the summer, they fall in love, but when the summer ends, the two think they’ll never see each other again. However, they’re both wrong, as Sandy and her parents have moved to America and she is now attending Rydell High. When the two discover that they attend the same school, there is a lot of debate over whether they can still be together, since it’s uncool for Danny to be in love with a “goody goody” like Sandy. However, the two, against all odds, manage to stay together. Then graduation comes, and Sandy is about to change in a way no one expected.

Comedy Show June 22 @8pm

Monty Scott

Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Monty Scott manages to combine an urban practicality with an intellectual and often silly bent. His debut album, The Abyss Stares Back was nominated for a 2020 Juno Award for Comedy Album of the Year. Always smart and original, he’s performed in theaters and clubs throughout North America and been featured on the Comedy Network, MTV and SiriusXM Radio.

Paul Haywood

Paul has been a fixture on the national scene since winning the Toronto New Comic Search in 1998.  Over his 20 years he has done it all from packed theaters of 1000 people to 25 people in a man-cave garage. Paul has his own one hour Comedy Now special and was a hit at CBC’s Halifax Comedy Festival.   Paul has starred in over 40 commercials worldwide, showcasing his comedic timing and antics.  You can continue to see Paul’s own Comedy Now special on CTV, The Comedy Network and online, and can be heard on XM Satellite radio.

Gavin Stephens

Gavin Stephens is a stand-up comedian who skillfully balances playful irony and morbid silliness; he is known for his (really) quick wit and stream of consciousness comedic style. Gavin has been featured in Montreal’s Just For Laughs and Austin’s SXSW, alongside comedy legends Margaret Cho, Janeane Garofalo, Andy Kindler, Reggie Watts, Hannibal Buress and Marc Maron. He has been named one of the “10 Funniest Canadians” by E! Network and chosen as “Best Local Stand-up Comic” in NOW Magazine’s Readers Choice poll. Gavin is also a Juno award winner, for his latest Album “All Inclusive Coma” available on Howl & Roar records.