Welcome to ArtsFest – a celebration of the arts in all its forms, after being hosted for three years hosted in historic Waterdown, Ontario, ArtsFest moved to Westdale Village in 2019, which will now be the permanent home in 2020! The festival has grown to become event drawing visitors from across the GTA and upstate New York, with attendance over 40,000. At ArtsFest there is something for everyone who appreciates arts & culture. ArtsFest – The Festival…refined!
2021 dates: August 13-15 – JOIN US VIRTUALLY! Details to come


Here are a few things to keep in mind to maximize your ArtsFest experience:

PARKING There is parking available at designated locations on the festival map.

SEATING We highly recommend that people bring their own lawn chairs or portable festival chairs if they intend to stay in the concert area for more than a few hours. There will be a limited amount of seating on a first come first served basis, and there is seating in the licensed areas. Please note that any portable chairs left unattended for more than 10 minutes to reserve a spot will be moved by festival staff.

SERVICES There are licensed areas with seating and great sight lines to both the stage, portable toilets and ATM available on festival site. Food vendors will be on site, as well there are cafes and restaurants in the festival area that have great food at reasonable prices! We respectfully ask that attendees refrain from bringing picnic baskets or drinks and give the local businesses their patronage as we rely on the support of local businesses in order to pay the costs to program the great music and activities you are here to enjoy. No outside food or drinks will be allowed in the licensed areas. Emergency services are onsite as well as the Hamilton police.

PUBLIC TRANSIT is available to the festival site.

MISCELLANEOUS Bring a hat and suntan lotion, and an umbrella in case of rain, and a shopping bag! Umbrellas are also great for shade in the hot sun! There are portable toilets available, food and beverage vendors, as well as bottled water is available for sale near the Gallery stage.

ArtsFEST.ca is produced by Greater Hamilton Arts & Events – a registered non-profit organization, operating for the purpose of producing, managing and promoting arts & cultural events in the greater municipality of Hamilton, outside of the downtown core. ArtsFest is a focal point for residents of the host community, engaging them with visitors from GTA and beyond, as they discover the cultural diversity of Canadian visual and musical artists, and the area’s local businesses.